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Unit 8 It must belong to Carla.
1. You’d better put on your c _________. It’s very cold outside.
2.He is the only one _________ is learning French at the picnic
3. He is a h _________ boy and always gets good grades in the exam.
4. Wearing masks(口罩) can p ________people from catching a cold.
5. That’s too ________ outside. Please close the window.
6. Look! The policeman is running _________ the thief on the street.
7. That man ________ be Mr. li. He has gone to America.
8. The students often feel s _________ because they get up too early.
9. Lucy sent a letter to me last week, but I didn’t r _________ the letter.
10. —W ________ handbag is this?
—It’s my mother’s.
1. As the _________(lend) of China, Ni Jinping is welcomed by all the Chinese people.
2. —Where is Miss Smith?
—She ________ (possible) has gone to the library.
3. The heavy rain prevented us from _________ (arrive) there on time.
4. The test of my friends _________ (be) on the playground. They are playing sports.
5. I need to have a good sleep. I’m too ________ (sleep).
6. She has been away for two days. Her mother is worried about ________ (she) very much.
7. It’s difficult for a person to deal with a group of ________ (wolf).
8. He lost his bag. Luckily there isn’t anything ________(value) in it.
9. Look! There’s a monkey _________ (jump) up the tree.
10. He is always active. It seems that he is full of _________(energetic).
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