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1.(2019·北京)Julie takes good care of the family dog. She is than her brother.
A.patient B.more patient
C.most patient D.the most patient
2.(2019·内蒙古)He is planning to walk on the wings of a flying plane.
What I have never heard of ______idea before.
A.a crazier B.the crazier C.a craziest D.the craziest
3.(2019·辽宁)What does Jim look like
He is the second_____ student in our class. But I’m______ than him.
A.taller; tallest B.the tallest ;the taller C.tallest ;taller D.tallest ;the taller
4.(2019·辽宁)It’s raining heavily.
The radio says it will be _____ worse tomorrow.
A.very B.quite C.too D.much
5.(2019·辽宁)People who always do sports are in spirits than those who don’t.
A.high B.higher C.tall D.taller
6.(2019·辽宁)The Greens like the quietness in the countryside. The city is too ______ for them.
A.comfortable B.dangerous C.noisy D.perfect
7.(2019·辽宁)Lucy, our father’s birthday is coming. Let’s buy a card for him.
Why not make one by ourselves It will be _______ than buying one.
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