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(范围Modules 1~6)
(时间90分钟 总分120分)
Ⅱ. 单项选择(10分)
(  )21. It’s ______time for me to visit the Guanyin Lake.
A. five  B. the five C. fifth D. the fifth
(  )22. I want to know how he will deal ______the problem.
A. on    B. by   C. with    D. of
(  )23. ______visitors came to take photos of Xiangshan Park during the National Day.
A. Thousand B. Thousand of C. Thousands D. Thousands of
(  )24. At the moment, Mr White is doing an to show students why it’s important to clean teeth.
A. experiment B. operation C. instrument D. invention
(  )25. Dragon Boat racing has been a much-loved sport all over the world, ______the US cities such as New York and Boston.
A. include B. includes C. included D. including
(  )26. Never put off ______tomorrow what you can do today.
A. until B. before C. when D. as
(  )27. Many people like pandas they are cute.
A. though B. if C. while D. because
(  )28. Wu Dajing is a short track speed skater. He ______to practise skating when he was ten years old.
A. begins B. will begin C. began D. has begun
(  )29. —Jack, remember ______off the lights when ______your bedroom.
—OK, I won’t forget, Mom.
A. turning; leaving B. to turn; leave
C. turning; left D. to turn; leaving
(  )30. —Oh, no, it’s raining. We can’t go skating on the square.
A. No deal B. That’s no good
C. What a shame D. That’s not the point
Ⅲ. 完形填空(10分)
Everyone has dreams. Lily dreamed of being a dancer. She took 31 lessons and all her teachers thought she was an excellent student.
One day she saw a notice. It said that famous dancing group would be performing in her town.  32 thought, “I must show the leader my dancing skills. ” She waited for the group leader in the dressing room.  33 the leader appeared, she came up and handed him the flowers she prepared. The thorns(刺) hurt her fingers and blood came out. But she was too  34  to care about the pain. She expressed her strong wish to be a dancer and begged(乞求)to show her dance.
“All right. You dance, ” the leader agreed. But half way through the dance, he stopped her, “I’m sorry, in my mind you’re not good enough!” On hearing this, Lily  35 out as fast as her legs could carry her. It was so hard for her to accept this. She lost heart and 36  her dream.
Several years later, the dancing group came to her town again. She decided to find out  37 the leader had told her she was not good enough.
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