[ID:4-6309763] Unit 9 My favorite subject is science 单元综合检测(含解析)
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1. —I want to be a scientist like Qian Xuesen when I grow up.
—Sounds great! But you must work hard to make your dream ___________.
A. give up B. come true C. run away D. fall down
2. We need to finish the work ___________. There is no time left.
A. sadly B. happily C. quickly D. slowly
3. The math problem is so ___________ that no one in our class works it out.
A. easy B. difficult C. interesting D. boring
4. —What’s your favorite ___________, Lingling
—I like purple best. I think it stands for mystery.
A. subject B. fruit C. color D. sport
5. There ___________ some milk and bread on the table. You can have them ___________ breakfast.
A. is; for B. is; in C. are; for D. are; in
6. This year the Christmas party of our school is ___________ 18:00 ___________ Monday evening.
A. on; in B. at; on C. at; in D. on; on
7. Linda eats ___________ rich food. She must change her diet.
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