[ID:4-6309759] Unit 8 When is your birthday? 单元综合检测(含解析)
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1. The baby is only ten __________.
A. month B. year old C. months old D. year
2. —__________ is your birthday
—It’s __________ May 10th.
A. What; in B. What; on C. When; in D. When; on
3. —We have an art festival next week.
A. Thanks B. You’re welcome C. That’s all right D. Have a good time
4. —When is Joy’s birthday party
—It’s __________ three o’clock __________ the afternoon of July 18th.?
A. at; in B. at; on C. on; in D. in; on
5. The girl is __________.Today is her __________ birthday.
A. twelfth; twelfth B. twelve; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelve
6. __________ comes before December, but after October.
A. November B. September C. August D. January
7. —Do you have an English party
A. Yes, we don’t B. No, we do C. Yes, we do D. No, we aren’t
8. Tomorrow is the boy’s __________ birthday.
A. seventh B. eight C. nineth D. twelveth
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