[ID:4-6309755] Unit 6 Do you like bananas? 单元综合检测(含解析)
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1. There ________ some milk and two eggs on the table.
A. is B. are C. has
2. The songs sound ________ and I like them very much.
A. well B. good C. bad D. badly
3. They like ________.
A. French fry B. strawberrys C. tomatos D. salad
4. —________ have some ice-cream.
—Great! I like it so much.
A. Let’s B. Let them C. Let D. Let him
5. —________ does your father have ________ lunch
—Rice and chicken.
A. What; for B. How; for C. What; / D. How; /
6. —What do we need for the salad
—We need two apples and three ________.
A. orange B. tomatoes C. strawberry D. bread
7. —What do you usually have for ________ breakfast
—A piece of bread and ________egg.
A. a; an B. 不填; the C. a; the D. 不填; an
8. Many kids(孩子) are very happy(快乐的) and they eat very ________.
A. good B. well C. nice D. OK
9. —It’s sunny today.What about ________ to the park
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